Jiangsu Runda PV Co.,Ltd.(referred to as Runda),founded in August,2009,is a professional solar panel manufacturer.


    Jiangsu Runda PV Co.,Ltd(referred to as Runda) , founded in August,2009, is a professional solar panel manufacturer With the core values of “Light runs through all families, sincerity dances across the world”, Runda focuses on providing safe, reliable and efficient solar panels for its global clients.

     Based on specialization, scale and international development, Runda has imported advanced solar panel production line in the world. With modern factory buildings covering an area of 15,000㎡ and sustainable industrial land covering nearly hundreds of acres, we have an excellent management team of senior experts.

     Since its founding in 2009, on a mission to “develop green energy and create a happy life”, Runda has been making great efforts to build an internationally first-class solar company.

Jiangsu Runda PV Co.,Ltd.

Tel:+86-0510-86926600   +86-0510-83801000


Add:No. 108,Yanxiang Road,Ehu Town,
Xishan District,Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province,P.R.China


E-mail:[email protected]

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